All services include initial style questionnaire and consultation to enable me to fully understand your needs and ensure you get the best service possible.

Wardrobe Edit and Restyle

I find this is a great place to start with the majority of my clients as it’s very helpful to have clarity and order in your wardrobe before you start adding more into it. Only after a thorough edit can you see what you really have, what you need and what you really don’t.

I’ll demonstrate how having a smaller well balanced wardrobe can in turn give you so much more choice, allow you to feel more in tune with your personal style and simply make getting ready in the mornings more effortless.

During the appointment we will talk about your body shape and the styles that are more suited to you. I’ll bring my styling kit and some select key pieces to show you how to put together stylish outfits with pieces from your existing wardrobe. It’s my aim to inspire you and help find a style which you feel comfortable and confident with.

Together we will edit out all the pieces you no longer wear, don’t flatter or suit your body shape and don’t fit with your personal needs any more. I will of course try my best to maximise the potential of what you already have but most importantly it’s my job to help you look and feel your best. If an item is unflattering, worn looking, an unsuitable size or dated I will tactfully let you know. I’ll reorganise and tidy as we go to leave you with the best possible canvas to incorporate any new pieces.


After the session I will make a clear list of items that I feel are missing from your wardrobe and email this over to you. 

Session cost £280 (up to 4hrs) additional hours are charged at £70 per hour


"Thanks for setting me back on track!

I still can’t believe how different my wardrobe looks and more importantly how much easier I’m finding it to get ready in the morning. I can really appreciate where you were coming from with your less is more approach now! I have clothes and outfits I want to wear and the new clothes you added in for me have become my essentials! I could never have approached this on my own and this whole experience has really opened my eyes. You have saved me time and stress and I’m excited about our shopping trip next week"

Jane     42

Mum of three


Personal Shopping Trip

Whether you need a completely new wardrobe, seasonal injection or something special I’d love to help you. Shopping is my passion and I know what’s in and wear to buy it. I’ll save you valuable time, show you how to flatter your body shape and how to shop smarter with your budget in mind. I don’t work on commission and there is absolutely no pressure to buy anything although I’m pretty sure you’ll want to.

On the day of the appointment I’ll conduct a 2 hour pre shop where I’ll run round the stores and make a selection of clothes tailored to your needs. By the time we meet I will have already reserved most items for you so you can get straight into trying them on. I’ll talk to you about which styles best suit your body shape and why, help you enhance your best bits and disguise those you don’t like.


 I will put outfits together for you, share useful styling tricks and give you advice to make smarter shopping choices going forward. It’s my aim to inspire you, ensure you get more enjoyment from your clothes and make you feel your best.


Session cost £300 which includes a 3 hour shopping trip and all pre shopping

Additional hours are charged at £70 per hour.


"Thanks again Clare! Shopping with you is wonderful.

I can’t tell you how much I hated shopping having been on many fruitless trips, picking up totally the wrong things for my figure and being lured in with discount price tags. I can now see how a little planning can go a long way. Thanks for introducing me to brands that will work better for me, showing me what compliments my figure and inspiring me to look good again. My friends have all commented, not just on my clothes but the smile I’m wearing with them!"

Gina    62

Young grandma

Thames Ditton

Shop and Deliver NEW SERVICE


A luxury service where I will shop for you to an agreed brief, deliver the clothes to your door, try them on with you demonstrating how to style each piece and deal with any store returns afterwards.


Times are quite different at the moment and its certainly more difficult to offer styling services at the shops. Trying on is not an option in most stores, there is less stock as much more is circulating online, and I know and understand why a lot of women just don’t have the same desire to go out shopping anymore. As a result, more of us are shopping online which brings its own issues. Frankly, it’s overwhelming, time consuming and often doesn’t deliver what you envisioned. Even for myself, a professional shopper! It takes me so much time to evaluate a style on the screen whereas if I can see it in person, I can assess quality, fabric, shape, colour, fit and styling potential with ease.


Its my job to be familiar with the best, but more specifically the items that will work well for you. I can show you versatile new season or second hand pieces and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe or I can shop some complete new outfits, invest in some good quality staples, shop to a specific list, whatever you’re brief I’m ready to help.

One of the best things about this service, aside from getting to try everything in your own home is that you get to try complete looks and explore the styling potential of a piece with another a pair of eyes. I don’t work on any commission and so my sole purpose if for you to feel comfortable, look great and be inspired with your purchases. There is absolutely no pressure to buy although I’m sure you’ll want to.

£70 per hour (normally a minimum of 5hrs* is required but please contact for details as it depends on the brief) *no minimum for existing clients

Online Shopping


Where possible I prefer to conduct all styling sessions in person, however for some this simply isn't possible and why I created the online service. Great for anyone short on time, unable to meet in person or for regular clients in need of some new inspiration. Maybe you have a special occasion or a holiday coming up that you’d like some help with? or maybe you'd like a few seasonal outfits that you can mix and match with your own wardrobe?  Let me help...

After you have completed your style questionnaire we’ll together go through your brief  so I well understand you and your requirements. I'll create a style mood board for you to review and feedback to me and then go on to create outfit options tailored to your style personality, shape, budget and lifestyle. You can use this as inspiration with your own wardrobe and of course sub in items you already own and shop the rest of the items simply with direct shopping links.


£70 per hour (min 2hrs) please contact me for further details

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