How do I prepare for a wardrobe edit and restyle?


Its really helpful if you can get all of your clothes, shoes and coats either in or near to your wardrobe as this will save us time on the day. You will need access to a full length mirror – preferably in the same room as your wardrobe.


How much money will I need to spend on clothes?


This is completely up to you and of course you are not obliged to buy anything. Before any appointment I will confirm your budget with you and find the best value for money with anything I suggest. I am used to working with lots of budget scales.


Do I need to undress in front of you?


You will be trying on a lot during the session and it is fine to get undressed and changed in a separate room if you feel more comfortable.


Can I bring a friend?


Ideally I would encourage you not to. The session is all about you and to enable you to get the most out of your session with me its best to keep the focus on you.


How far will you travel?


I conduct most of my client shopping in Kingston upon Thames and Central London, however I’m happy to travel elsewhere and often do if we need access to certain stores or the location is more convenient for you. If the travel time is over 30 minutes from post code KT8 a travel charge will be incurred at £10 for every 15 minutes after the original 30 minutes has passed.

How much will a session cost me?


Wardrobe edit and restyle... 

Initial style consultation

3-4 hour session at your home

follow up summary and shopping list

£280 plus petrol mileage and any purchases on the day


Shopping trip... 

Initial style consultation

3 hour session

2 hours pre shopping

£300 plus petrol mileage, car parking and purchases on the day

Shop and Deliver

Initial style consultation

Shopping, delivery and returns

£70 per hour (5 hrs min)


Online shopping ...

initial style consultation

Outfit visuals and direct shopping links

£70 per hour


When and How do I pay you?


A £50 deposit is required upfront to secure the date for our appointment.

After the appointment I will send you a detailed invoice with the service cost and any extra's (parking/travel/clothes bought on your behalf) Please pay via bank transfer within 3 days.

Got any further questions?

Please don't hesitate to get in touch.