Without question I'm addicted to clothes and style, its been a huge part of my life since I was little and helping out in my parents clothing store. I studied fashion design at university, went on to work in fashion buying and development and then trained in personal styling. Over the years I’ve learnt a great deal about style, the importance of  fabric and fit  and in turn what this can do for a woman’s confidence.


Alongside my experience and training I have a natural eye for what looks good and flatters women’s body shapes. I have a vast knowledge of brands and the high street, where to find best value for money and what’s worth the investment. I mainly encourage more timeless purchases but I’m also following trends and great at identifying the key pieces to help boost your fashion confidence if required.


In 2017 I set up my Instagram account @Invest_ in_ style, selling stylish pre owned clothing and accessories, promoting a more considered and sustainable approach to shopping. I source pieces I know will work hard for my customers and offer advice on styling and fit for each item.  I'm passionate about making our clothes work harder and share weekly styling inspiration to help inspire others to wear more of their wardrobe. It's my mission to help you feel and look your best with minimum stress and effort.


On many levels in life I believe Less is More and effortless style is no exception.

A little about me.....

"We assume that more choices mean better options and greater satisfaction but it actually causes anxiety and limits creativity" 

Caroline Rector