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with Clare Nall-Smith  Personal Stylist

"Choose well,
Buy less
and Make it Last"

Vivienne Westwood

Hi and Welcome to Invest in Style

I’m Clare and I offer personal and friendly styling experiences to help you get the most out of your wardrobe and discover the real benefits of investing in style over just clothes. It’s often overlooked but style is a real confidence boost, it helps make sense of what otherwise is overwhelming, allows you to be a more conscious consumer and to speak a language without speaking at all.


My aim is to simplify and inspire, get rid of the clutter that holds you back, bring clarity and help you find and realise your style preferences. Armed with an understanding of your needs and wants your wardrobe can start to perform better and your shopping habits become smarter. Style, when considered as a bigger picture can be broken down into components, ones that work for you and compliment each other, like your own personal ‘feel good’ recipe.


As a professional shopper I’m very conscious of mass consumerism and the need for us all to slow down and approach fashion differently.  I believe the key to making things work both environmentally and personally is to simply own less, but it must be a harder working less and the right ingredients for you. This is where I can help!


You can find out more about my online offering on the services page of my website or please do contact me if you require something more tailored, I’d love to work with you.



Do follow on my instagram account @invest_in_style for style tips and shopping inspiration

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